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All About Freight in San Marcos, Texas provides you with freight shipping, truck delivery, truckload services, truck freight transportation, drop shipping, and 24/7 dispatch service.
Let All About Freight in San Marcos, Texas be your personal trucking fleet.


In most cases proper packaging will be the main protection (and your insurance) against shipment damage (unless factory new/factory packed). All the insurance in the world won't protect an improperly packaged shipment from damage. Try to use your best judgment when packaging an item for shipment.

Delicate items should be packed on a stable base and covered in a way to eliminate exposure to scratching or dinging. Crating, pallets, and heavy gauge cardboard should be considered for delicate items. Heavier, touger items wouldn't need to be packed so carefully, but mobility must still be kept in mind.

We are happy to help with any questions you may have. Contact our shipping agents are available to assist you through the entire shipment process, from the moment you decide to ship until your shipment reaches its destination.

Shipment Loading and Unloading

When using commercial or terminal locations with a loading dock, this is not an issue. But for residential pickup and/or delivery this is a detail that must be considered. In some situations you may want to plan on having friends, relatives, or neighbors on standby to help with the loading and unloading. In some cases additional services such as lift gate may be required, however, the additional costs are to be considered. Always remember a "truck driver" does just what the title implies: drive the truck. The driver is never responsible for loading or unloading, although under reasonable circumstances they may help.

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